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Acne Treatments

Caliope Skin Center is a Certified Acne Clinic that offers customized acne treatments on an individual basis

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting 

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting uses the bodies own electrical system to increase cell function including the intake of nutrients and oxygen. The effects of microcurrent facial sculpting tightens, tones and firms face, jowls and neck while promoting renewal, softening and smoothing of the skins texture along with muscle toning to reduce the signs of aging.


Caliope Skin Center provides with many options to meet your skin care needs. We offer facials that will relax and pamper you while preventing the signs of  premature aging of the skin. We also offer facials that will help to reverse signs of aging and improve the overall health of your skin. No matter what your skin care needs are we have a facial that will help you relax and look your best! At Caliope Skin Center our  philosophy is that, "Beautiful Skin Is For Everyone."


 At Caliope Skin Center we customize your waxing services just as we would customize a facial for you based on your skin type snd sensitivity.  Our waxes contain nourishing ingredients that help protect your skin. We use a variety of hard and soft waxes to make sure that you have the best waxing service available.

Skin Classic Treatment

At Caliope Skin Center we use the Skin Classic Treatment to treat minor skin irregularities on contact with minimal discomfort and irritation.