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Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

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Caliope Skin Center in Peoria, IL. is proud to offer Beautiful Image™ Microcurrent Facial Sculpting 
(AKA Lunchtime Face Lift!!!). Beautiful Image™ Microcurrent Facial Sculpting made its debut in the beauty industry in 1976 and has continued to be a leader in microcurrent technology. Getting twice the results in half the time over other microcurrent treatments.

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting uses the bodies own electrical system to increase cell function including the intake of nutrients and oxygen. The effects of microcurrent facial sculpting tightens, tones and firms face, jowls and neck while promoting renewal, softening and smoothing of the skins texture along with muscle toning to reduce the signs of aging.

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting improves:

   * Aged and slackened skin.

   * Skin texture.

   * Fine lines and wrinkles.

   * Reduction of acne scars.

   * Use pre and post surgery to improve the both muscle and tissue for optimum outcome.

   * Post surgically the application of microcurrent supports reduction of trauma, irritation, inflammation and helps          stimulate wound healing as well as minimizing scar tissue.

The effects of microcurrent facial sculpting are cumulative and studies have shown that there are significant side benefits including muscle re-education. In essences, microcurrent facial sculpting works just like going to the gym and lifting weights for muscle toning accept we do all of the work while you relax!

The amount of microcurrent facial sculpting sessions you will need to obtain the results you are looking for may vary from person to person. Typically a series of 12 sessions consisting of two treatments a week over a 6 week period produces optimal results. Because each person starts their series of sculpting sessions at different stages of the aging process, more or fewer sessions may be need to reach your desired effect.  

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting is a great way to maintain a youthful appearance and healthy skin. Other advanced facials can be combined with your microcurrent facial sculpting sessions to boost and accelerate the results of your series of treatments. If you wish to add other advanced facials to your sculpting session, you can schedule it ahead of time for each individual appointment.

The average microcurrent facial sculpting session is 60 minutes. After you have attained your desired result, you will want to keep your muscles tighten and toned. The average person will need a maintenance microcurrent facial sculpting session every 4 to 6 weeks.

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting - $125

Package of 12 Microcurrent Facial Sculpting - $899