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Adult Acne

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Adult acne can occur at any stage in life and is not the same type of acne most teenagers have. It is important to get the proper acne treatment plan that will not overly dry or strip the skin causing premature aging. Trying to treat adult acne on your own without professional help can can be frustrating and expensive not to mention the added risk of causing hyperpigmentation from using acne skin care products that are to aggressive for your type of acne.

At Caliope Skin Center we are Certified Acne Specialist with effective treatments and protocols to help get your adult acne under control. When you come in for your comprehensive Complimentary Consultation, we will assess the type of adult acne you have and what dietary and lifestyle choices may be causing your adult acne to flair up. Based upon your assessment a personalized acne treatment plan will be developed for you that day to get you of to a clear start.

Caliope Skin Center offers an Acne Treatment Plan Series that consist of a combination of many of our Advanced Treatment Facial options to fast tract the acne clearing process which, is a great added benefit to concerned with anti aging treatments. During the beginning of your treatment series depending on the severity of your adult acne you may be asked to come in for a weekly treatment for the first two to three weeks. This will allow us to calm the inflammation as quickly as possible and to make sure your home care products are working effectively. 

The treatment of acne is a fine art and at Caliope Skin Center we believe that Beautiful Skin Is For Everyone and enjoy helping you on an individual bases. That being said, here are some thing you can do to help stop your adult acne flare ups 

1. Always remove your makeup before going to bed.

2. Wash your pillow case weekly or more often if you sweat a lot.

3. Clean of your cell phone with an alcohol wipe daily.

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Acne Consultation $75

  • For new clients. Find out what kind of acne you have and how to get clear. We will explain how our system works, what products and services you will need and how to properly use your acne products.

Acne Consultation & Basic Treatment $75

  • For new clients who want a service at first appointment. Find out what kind of acne you have and how to get clear. We explain what products and services you will need and how to use your acne products. Most new clients choose this option.

Basic Acne Treatment $75

The Basic Acne Treatment includes: cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions if needed, and a deep pore cleansing mask. Choose this option if you are already a client at Caliope Skin Center.