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Acne Clearing Treatments

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All of your acne clearing treatments will be performed by a Registered Nurse/Licensed Esthetician certified in the treatment of acne. We have four years of acne clearing experience and look forward to helping your get healthy clear skin. 

At Caliope Skin Center you will have two options for your Acne Clearing Treatment plan. The first thing we will help you do is get the proper home care products to prevent knew breakouts from occurring and heal your existing breakouts. Throught your acne treatment plan we will be closely monitoring your home care products and adjusting them as needed. Each time you come in for a treatment you will have a customized treatment based on your skin that day so, each treatment may not be the same. 

Express Acne Clearing Plan

The Express Acne Clearing Plan is a series of treatments that will have your acne cleared in half the time as our Basic Acne Clearing Plan allowing you to have clear skin in as little as 6 weeks. During your Express Clearing Treatment Plan we will be seeing you weekly and assessing your progress for the first 2 to 3 weeks. In addition to our Basic Acne Treatment protocol you will have advanced treatments added to your session during each visit to enhance the speed of your acne clearance. Home care products will be key in attaining and maintaining a clear and healthy complexion. At the time of your consultation we will discuss what advanced treatments be added to your Basic Acne Treatment protocol and determine which treatment plan fits you best.           

Basic Acne Clearing Plan

The Basic Acne Clearing Plan will help you clear your acne in about 12 weeks. Just as the Express Acne Clearing Plan, home care products will be key in attaining and maintaining a clear and healthy complexion. During the Basic Acne Clearing Plan we will be seeing you every two weeks to analyze your skin and determine how your home products are working for you. At that time we will determine if we need to advance them to help you clear faster. At your visit, you will have a Basic Acne Treatment with a cleansing, steam, customized acne peel, extractions if needed and a deep pore cleansing mask.

We look forward to meeting you at your consultation and helping you reach your skin care goals!

Acne Clearing Testimonials

Adrianne is passionate about skin care and her treatments have been very effective! Our daughter's skin is so much healthier after just 12 weeks of treatments. Most of her acne is gone!

Shari Reynolds

Adrianne is awesome!! She's very knowledgeable, friendly and super sweet. She offers a great package deal. I got the one for acne and it has transformed my skin! There are noticeable visible results after every treatment! The texture and tone of my skin have improved. I've had facials from Chicago to California and she is definitely one of the best estheticians I've had! You should definitely check her out!

Jane, Jane